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Tracks from the 7" vinyl release TEMPLAR.

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released October 1, 2013

all songs APE WAR, (J WOOD, J ANASTASIADES, C ALBANESE, T NUGENT lyrics J WOOD recorded at The Hive w/ J GANDER


all rights reserved



Ape War Vancouver, British Columbia


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Track Name: Born of Sodom
Legions of simpletons interbreeding in the hills
driven out to cleanse the land
burned hung bludgeoned
hiding in the dank holes of this place
they grew strong
no man or beast escapes their lust
creatures of the forest taken for sustenance
taken for pleasure
all life scatters in their coming
only to be filled with the seed
the dim eyes of their offspring fill the night
born of sodom
born of man
born of beast
the children feast
an unending hunger for flesh and wisdom
in their keeps our sorcerers and elders
lay hobbled and used
fairies and brownies ground into paste
to heel their weeping genitals 
Track Name: TEMPLAR
Pounding at the walls
Jerusalem will fall
we are the Templar
pounding pounding
crumbling walls
hiding in the ruins
our flames find you
wading in your blood
as you drown beneath our feet
marching on the dead
we are the Templars
light bringer savour                      
witch incinerators from the north
meet our lord
crucified on the sword
we are the Templars
pounding at your walls
we will run you through
resurrected blood lust comth 
Track Name: We Are Ash
last night in our pit of starvation
small ones are gone
not many left
she has betrayed the people
earth mother
life giver
why have they come
are we being punished
meat thieves distant killers
weakness creeping from the south
never close enough to kill
their reek fills the land
I can see them in the distance
waiting to take our place
from the beginning we lived with ice and meat
nothing left but our flesh to live
in this hole starving
we are ash
our time is over
she has left us to die
they come tonight
Track Name: Sour Land
the land will parish then we will follow
her corps brunt white
lighting your faces in the night
her death will rid no evil
nothing to ebb the tide of suffering
coming to fill your empty souls
the broken lord hunched in his keep
on his knees
his priest babbling hope
from the walls he can see
the sour land
blackened by blite and rot
he promised abundance
after we brunt them all
she lay concealed in our flock
the white witch
as she perished on the pyre
we were fooled
destroying our only protector
now he roams unmolested
Track Name: Voyager
We found your flimsy craft  in space
with the depictions of your hideous forms
a chart to your planet
a hovel ripe with stupidity and pestilence
after our probing we found you to be fodder
we fed our young with you
it made them simple
then to our beasts of burden
they became riddled with disease
then as fuel in our hearths
the stench was unholy
you are useless
judgment has come from the depths of space
your gods spoke of oblivion
it has come and noone is righteous
we will blow off your atmosphere
leaving you to radiation
freezing in the vacuum of space
cinders and black husks remain
no one is saved .....
Track Name: Corgy
Greed fills her sails
Lust for power and flesh
lash and bread fruit  
Chained together dying under the waves
Floating lifeless in black depths
Blood never sets on her empire
Blood never sets on her empire
Blood never sets on her empire
Track Name: Horde
the sky boils in the east
thundering hoofs in the distance
wolf of the plains
comes to feed
the old ones said this day would come
death on horse back
kingdoms fall corpses bloat
men gather under a cross
a marker for their bones
arrows blot out the sun
diseased bodies fill the heavens
raining down pestilence and death
defenders flail in armoured coffins
all who stood before them are run down
skulls explode under hoof
wolfs of the plains feed a various need
the priests babble to the sky
last thing they see when they die
rivers of blood flow in their path
bow to them
taste wolf wrath
as carrion feed on your offspring
you see your true masters have COME

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